2020 REFLECTIONS by Linda Harper


by Linda Harper, NEW YEAR's DAY 2021


Christmas 2020 is past.

I hope you survived,

The crazy Covid chaos,

and the loss of "Family Time"


Friends kept at a distance,

Masks that hide our smiles,

Our hearts feel sadly empty,

empty arms ache for a hug


Traditions have been trampled.

Not many could endure,

the crush of Covid pressure

That tossed many to the floor


It is what it is, the facts are what they are.

Christmas 2020 was absolutely bizarre!


But the heart of Christmas is "The Christ",

the Child of Promise born.

Nothing can steal the meaning,

or remove the depths of Joy!


Though Traditions may have suffered,

Our Suffering Savior was born.

Nothing can erase the meaning

of what happened that glorious day!


Christmas is kept in our hearts.

The Love of our Father was given,

to ransom our souls from the dark,

with the Light of Truth come down from Heaven


Today let's continue to celebrate

It's the day the Lord has made.

Our Savior was born, God's greatest Gift,

His Light and Truth remain,

a constant Joy for all time,

This wonderful Savior is yours and mine!


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