Music is a powerful force. It grabs our attention; it moves our hearts; it changes our souls. Our music and worship ministry seeks to glorify Christ through music, song-writing and worship. Colossians 3:16 says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom; and with gratitude in your hearts sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to God.”

As a recognized leader in Children's Worship Ministry, Linda Harper has a passion to lead children into the presence of God and also to mentor other aspiring worship leaders in pursuit of the same.


We’ve all heard people that possess amazing musical and vocal abilities… but it doesn’t amount to anything without God’s presence. God’s anointing can magnify, multiply and amplify our gifts and talents.

Whatever the size, whatever the style, music and worship are vital components of every church’s Children's Ministry. We are here to encourage and to provide resources for the development of church Children's Worship leadership and ministries through training events, consultations, opportunities for fellowship, and facilitation of peer interaction and spiritual support.

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HELPING KIDS SUCCEED - How to Engage, Inspire and Grow Spiritually Healthy Kids

Coming Soon! An On-Line Course for Busy Parents and Teachers

What do children need to thrive? What will give them the best possible chance at success? How can we instill positive values and shape solid citizens?

You’ll learn the essential keys to helping kids succeed, including:

  • How to Improve Values, Confidence and Self-Image
  • The Hidden Secret of Parenting your child with confidence
  • How to inspire Spiritual Growth and Development
  • The 4 Keys that help you and your child experience God
  • How to Help Kids Discover Their Passion and Purpose

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Children's Scripture Song by Linda Harper with Matching Coloring Sheet

With this song you are going to discover a FUN, effective way to hep your child experience God's love through His Word put to music


I am so glad to hear Tent Time is going so well. I knew that it would if people would only look at your products. We have been singing along with the DVD watching you, even though the kids were sick with a little fever. Dancing along with Miss Linda, you wouldn't know they felt badly. You are a blessing to our family and I pray that your work goes all over the world. Love you much - Patti

Patti's Comments about a new scripture song to be released soon:

I love the words and the Holy Spirit behind those words. I've had my phone to my ear this morning, just listening and thinking about how powerful that verse is and how many children will get it in their spirits through God using this song as a conduit of His love.

Patti Yother - Birmingham, AL

Bible Teacher, Mentor, Grandmother

Patti Yother - Birmingham, AL

Bible Teacher, Mentor, Grandmother

I love to play your Children's CD when I keep my granddaughter. I call it Sophie's CD, she is so attentive when I play it. It makes her laugh and smile. We especially love the ones like Twenty-Four Seven which helps with learning numbers and the days of the week. Also The Fruit of the Spirit. I find myself on other days singing this. One more we dance and sing to is A Very Special Promise (Jer. 33:3). Actually the whole CD is a very good and a fun way to get God's Word into the minds of our infants and small children, and what better way than with music! Hope you produce many more like this. In His Name, Reba

Reba Swann - Missionary in Africa

Missionary, Mother and Grandmother

Reba Swann - Missionary in Africa

Missionary, Mother and Grandmother

Oh, Linda, Noah is singing your song "Great Big God With a Still Small Voice" in his bed right now! My heart is melting! When he stopped singing I knew he was asleep. Trust me, it blesses my heart when I hear him singing your songs. Especially since he hardly ever sings. It seems like he only sings YOUR songs!! - Gretchen in Atlanta

Gretchen Hall - Atlanta, Georgia

Children's Church Leader, Homeschool Mom

Gretchen Hall - Atlanta, Georgia

Children's Church Leader, Homeschool Mom

Linda's ministry to children, and worship with children have been a tremendous impact on this upcoming generation of young worshippers. Her music is flowing from the Father's heart and it touches their lives. It writes God's Words on their hearts. I have used her songs in Sunday Children's Worship (ages 3-7), in Kid's Music Classes (ages 1-5) as well as in Preschool Chapel. Over and over again, I find that the songs Linda wrote are very easily connecting with the children's hearts. Due to the song's simple tunes and melodies, choice of words to express childlike understanding of the Father's love, that also invite the children to accompany each song with motions, they have been my "go to songs" whenever I work with pre-school age children. – Sandra

I have had the privilege of participating with 3 and 4 year old children during Tent Time activities. I was amazed at the automatic connection they had with the teachings. They listened to a story about hearing God's voice, learned a song with motions (that they still enjoy singing) and then drew pictures. Tent Time helps children get "in touch" with God at a young age. They also learn that God cares about the children and you don't have to be an adult to hear from God. - Robyn

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Children's Scripture Song with Matching Coloring Sheet written by Linda Harper

With this song you are going to discover a FUN, effective way to help your child experience God's love through His Word put to music